10 Things I Need To Stop Doing

I wanted to start the week off on a productive one. So here I am with a post that I really enjoyed writing. I wanted to share my list of 10 things I need to stop doing, which actually could have been a list of 20 things. I said I would try not to bore people, though. 

The idea for this post came when I saw one of my very favourite bloggers sharing 10 things she needed to drop (in the fashion sense) and I just immediately thought about things that I do every day that I can’t stand about myself. People always have their complexes about their personalities and habits so I thought I would share mine. Let me know if you can relate to any!

Caring what other people think – not exactly shocking, because I think everyone gets paranoid about this every once in a while. I personally feel like I found it easier to post blog posts, photos and videos while I was in New York because I felt really far away from opinions and judgement. Now that I’m home, I definitely feel as though I’m a lot more paranoid about what I post and when.

Procrastinating – I am literally the worst in the world. I don’t think I’ll ever really change!

Fearing failure – this is something that I feel is inevitable when you’re at a cross roads in life. It’s scary making decisions that you kind of need to go well. Naturally one’s mind is always going to fear the worst but I’m getting so fed up of feeling paranoid and apprehensive about what’s to come. I’m trying to keep reminding myself that the worst outcome could never be as bad as I might imagine.

Saying yes to everything – when I came back to Ireland, one of my main priorities was to get networking and try to meet as many people as possible. I love meeting new people and I feel like Instagram introduces you to people in a virtual sense so I was really keen to meet people I knew from social media, in real life. For the first month that I was at home, I did just that! I attended every single event and tried to meet everyone I possibly could and I don’t regret it for a second. That being said, I definitely lagged on my blog and updating it as much as I should have. Last week I made a really strict schedule for myself so that I’m posting on here and on YouTube as much as possible. It might mean that I’ll have to say no to one or two events but I know that it will be so worth while.

Not speaking up or giving my opinion on important things – this is something that I’ve thought about since last year. I remember when Trump got elected I saw so many people speaking out on their views, and I think that if you have an audience, it really is important. Similarly with the Repeal the 8th movement, I see people regularly sharing their views and I think that it’s amazing that they are educating people on their different standpoints. To be honest, I don’t know why I haven’t spoken out about my opinions on these topics and many others that might hit the headlines at a certain point in time. It’s something that I feel is somewhat daunting because in my head I feel as though I could be alienating certain people who follow me with my opinion. This is ultimately going back to my point about caring what people think, and my point about confrontation. I do worry that speaking up on things might spur someone on to send me a challenging message which would probably scare the life out of me, but I know that it’s important to use my small space on the internet to be honest and transparent with my views and everything else. It’s so important to me to keep things positive and to always try and bring value to people’s lives who take the time out to follow and support me, but sometimes you can’t ignore really important things that are happening in our country and abroad. I make a point every single day to watch the news and I really feel like I’m very clued in to what’s happening here and abroad. My parents always remind me of how important it is to have opinions on things, and I definitely do, sharing them online when it’s necessary/appropriate is my next step. This is a point that I would love to hear your opinion on. Snap me: niamhos21. 

Slouching – I regularly refer to myself as the hunchback of Notre Dam. I cringe when I catch my reflection or see a photo of myself and I’m literally bent over slouching. I think it goes back to when I was in primary school. I was about a foot taller than all of my friends and I was constantly trying to blend in and not stand out as the tallest. I know that tall people will relate to me on this one!

Spending time on my phone – no explanation needed for this one, it’s literally such a bad problem in this day and age!

Prioritising the unimportant – I’m that person who won’t reply to an important email until my room is tidy, or until I’ve organised my sock drawer. I need to try and train myself to stop being so delusional about what’s important and again, stop procrastinating. 

Not sticking up for myself – we’ve all been there. You find yourself in the middle of a confrontation with someone who you really don’t want to be in one with. I believe whole heartedly that it’s so important to pick your battles with certain people but when you find yourself in a situation where someone is belittling you, or making you feel horrible about yourself for no good reason, then you need to know when it’s time to say enough is enough. I personally hate confrontation and fighting with people. The thought of someone strongly disliking me really gets to me, to the point where I always seem to tell people what they want to hear to try and make an argument dissolve, or to try and get someone on side again. But sometimes, it’s important to stick up for yourself and not let the fear of confrontation or being upset about the situation get in the way of how you really feel.

I hope you like this post, I really enjoyed writing it.

Niamh xx

PS. Thank you to everyone who watched yesterday’s video! If you missed it, you can watch here.

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