3 Weeks with The PE Club

I can’t believe how fast time is flying. I’ve just started my fourth week of training at The PE Club here in the Upper East Side and it feels like we began yesterday!

A month in New York is like 6 months at home – everything is so incredibly fast paced! I think that that’s why I really appreciate being able to take a few hours out each week to not worry about work, or rent, or bills and just worry about my quest for some abs, haha!

Seriously though, another HUGE plus that comes with exercising regularly, is the massive amount of energy that you have. I swear, the days that we get up at the crack of dawn for our cardio homework, are the ones that my productivity levels are through the roof! My training in The PE Club has consisted of two classes each week (TRX Kettle-bells and Long & Lean – which is a Pilates style class), a personal training class with my trainer Miriam, and then two mornings of cardio homework. It’s been so great being able to mix it up with different styles of training each day.

One of my least favourite areas to work out is also the one I want to focus on the most – the bum! The day that I’m happy with mine will probably never come at this stage, but I need to just keep working on it in the hopes of seeing some improvements! My trainer Miriam thoroughly enjoys making me suffer when it comes to lower body workouts so we thought it would be cool to share one of the tri-sets that really had me struggling last night! All you need is a cable machine in your gym and you’re good to go! Try these 3 workouts on each leg, and repeat 3 times, if you can! Make sure to use a weight that makes you feel the burn!

– 15x Cable Leg Curls

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

– 15x Straight Leg Cable Kick Backs (I wasn’t so great at keeping my leg straight because my hamstrings are so tight!)

– 15x Cable Leg AbductionsI really feel like the hard work is starting to pay off, although I’m still not quite ready for the abs photo! At the end of the day, no amount of hard work will make up for a bad diet, so I really need to cop on ASAP if I want to see some progress similar to my last fitness challenge!

All in all, I am loving The PE Club experience so far, apart from the great team of professionals they have in-house, we’ve met some really lovely people along the way.

Happy Wednesday, Niamh x

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