6 Ways to Stick to your Fitness Plan

How are we already half way through January?! Time is going by way too fast for my liking these days. I’ve been in New York for 3 months already and it honestly feels like 5 minutes!

I won’t lie though, I’m still majorly struggling with the whole adjustment from life at home in Kildare to life in New York. When I arrived, one of my first port of calls (after finding a job and an apartment) was to get stuck into a good fitness regime, and it was not easy! No amount of hard work can undo a bad diet, and let me tell you – there was most definitely a lot of indulgences. It’s so frustrating when you’re not seeing results and you only have yourself to blame, thankfully I am getting to grips with how to stick to my current and future fitness plans.

The following are 6 ways that will help anyone stick to their fitness plans for 2016…

Have a plan

I joined The PE Club with Michaela & Erika 2 months ago – and in our first consultation with the owners, Nedra and Alex, they spoke of the importance of having a plan. This really struck a chord with me, of course I wasn’t going to see results by aimlessly going to fitness classes and trying to eat healthily whenever it suited. This seems so obvious now,  but it’s easy to get into a rut and get very frustrated fast. Go to a local gym and chat with a trainer, get a fitness and nutrition plan online, or just make a plan yourself on how you are going to stay active and eat well consistently.


One way to not fall off the wagon is to do yourself a big favor and make things as easy as possible for yourself. Prepare your food the night before, your snacks, breakfast, lunch, whatever you know you’re going to need to get you through the day without being tempted to stray from the plan. I used to pack my bags and put them in the car the night before when I lived at home, anything to help me to get out the door faster in the morning and not eat into my gym time! You’ll see a lot more of my food prep on Snapchat (niamhos21) in the coming weeks so be sure to follow along!

Pick a motivator

A great way to force yourself to put down the Dairymilk and get active, is to have something to work towards. My motivator at the moment is Coachella (watch this space!) so this is definitely encouraging me to behave when it comes to food choices. Your motivator could be an upcoming party, or a new dress to fit into. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it works for you!


You could pick that motivator and find it’s crept up on you faster than you could have imagined. I think it’s really important to stay motivated and not be too hard on yourself if you haven’t succeeded this time around. Pick a new motivator and work towards that instead, rather than giving up. I always think about how good I would feel if I was already two weeks into a plan that I had stuck to, I would be so proud and would 100% be seeing results. So don’t stop, you’ll regret it otherwise!

Tell someone

I don’t know about you, but if I tell the girl who sits beside me in work that I’m going to the gym after work, and if she asks me the next day how it was, I’m going to feel pretty useless if I say I just went home and watched Gossip Girl instead! Now, I’m not saying to check in every time you workout, because no one cares, but if you’re feeling a little less motivated then talk to someone and tell them your plans. It will also help you think about your motivator and you’ll find that push you need to get to the gym!

Do it for the progress picture

When I started in The PE Club, I told myself I wanted to see a lot of progress physically. I genuinely felt like I had made no progress, but once I put my before and after photos together, I saw straight away how far I had come. It’s funny though, I think that this really shows how reactive my body is to bad food. This “before” photo, was taken about 6 weeks after my last “after” photo (see more about that here). I couldn’t believe that 6 weeks of eating crap and not exercising would do that to me! Lesson learned for next time!


I hope a few of these pointers help at least one person, I really feel like having the structure and a good plan from the guys at The PE Club really helped me to see results.

Have a great week,

Niamh x

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