Christmas Gift Guide for Her

Okay, so I’ve put a lot of thought, time and effort into this gift guide. I really hope you like it, and feel free to share with whoever is shopping for you!

Luxury hand cream – I love the L’Occitane brand so much. Their hand creams aren’t sticky and smell divine. This cute little set would be the perfect gift for someone who wants to leave one in her car, one in bedroom, and one in her handbag. Win, win, win! PS. It’s also on sale!!!

Carry on suitcase – these are so handy if you’re up and down to college at the weekends or just a jet setter every now and again. Such an investment. I love this one, and this one…so fab!

Pippa Collection Planner – I went in to the Pippa Pop Up shop in Dundrum and was so impressed by every single thing. I picked up this planner for a giveaway that I hosted on Instagram and I was so jealous of the girl who won! Shop here.

Cardholder – I got one of these off my friend Sarah for my birthday last year and I adore it. It’s so handy and forces me to ditch all the coins I carry around. I’m way more likely to pop them in a collection box for charity now too when they end up in my pockets. Good karma all round! I love this one. I would say go for a more premium brand here, durability is key as they will be used every single day.

Kerastasse hair oil – I adore this stuff, I got mine for Christmas last year and haven’t even gotten half way through it. I use it literally every day. It’s amazing, buy here or at your local hairdressers.

French Press and Milk Frother – I got these for Conor last year for Christmas and he loved them, although they were mainly for my benefit. (We’ve all done it, don’t lie.) Bodum is a great brand, probably one of the best and you can buy these online or in one of their stores. I’m 90% sure they sell in Brown Thomas. I would recommend buying in person actually too, the first time I ordered my milk frother, it arrived broken!

Fragrance diffuser – I have this exact one in my room and in our front hallway and it is divine. If you were ever to trust me, now is the time!!! But if not, you can buy these in Brown Thomas also. One thing I’ll say is to not compromise on quality here. The one I have lasts for 4 months, and typically you could get cheaper ones that last less than a month. So it works out at much better value and if you purchase over and over, you’re saving money.

Tray for dinner in the sitting room – my Mum has one of these and they’re just the best. Perfect for those evenings you find yourself having dinner on the couch when you can’t face sitting alone at the kitchen table. And better yet, try find one with a cushion underneath! I love this one on Amazon, and it’s SO CHEAP!

Dressing gown – so I got my first ever one (not joking) in Penney’s this year and I literally live in it! You really can’t beat a premium version of anything though. My Mum got two my best friends an M&S dressing gown for their 21st’s and they still wear them 5 years later! Another investment.

Pj set – I mean, they just can’t be beaten. Here is a more premium silk set, and here is a much more affordable pair. They’re both divine! Mint Velvet have some gorgeous loungewear too actually, check them out here or in their store in Dundrum or Brown Thomas.

Silk pillow case – do not knock it until you’ve tried it. Silk pillow cases are proven to be great for your skin and hair while you sleep, something to do with less friction on the pillow case. I hate to sound like a snob but all of my pillow cases are silk (I bought mine at the same time that my Mum bought me them for my birthday last year – fate!) and to be perfectly honest I’ve never looked back. They feel so luxurious and aren’t that expensive at all! I highly recommend trying one, then come back and I can say “I told you so”. Haha! Buy here.

Leather gloves – I love these simple black leather gloves. They’re a perfect gift in my opinion, they are so warm and something you really will have forever, they never go out of fashion.

HP Sprocket printer – for the Instagrammer in your life! Print your phone photos on the go with this Sprocket Printer, how cool! Shop at Currys PC World here.

Faux fur stole – first things first, do not compromise on the price here. Nothing worse than a poor quality stole. This is a new brand that I found, their stuff looks divine and such good quality!

A cosy blanket – you honestly can never have enough in my opinion. Nothing makes a house cosier than blankets on the couches, and of course on your bed. The more the merrier, I say! I love this one from Debenhams…oh, and this one. Fab!

MoMuse Hope necklace – last but most definitely not least. This is the Hope necklace by MoMuse. I got one from my two best friends before I moved to New York and it was the most thoughtful gift. All proceeds and profits go directly to Pieta House. Suicide is something that few people aren’t affected by, so if you know someone who this would mean a lot to, then I urge you to support this wonderful cause. Buy yours here.

I hope that you enjoyed this! My Gift Guide For Him is coming up this week too!

Chat soon!

Niamh xx

PS. I’m doing Vlogmas this year on my YouTube channel so make sure that you check it out! xx

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