Fitness Wear Wishlist for 2016

With the New Year, comes a whole set of new resolutions and fitness goals for almost everyone, which is so great! 2015 was a great year for me in terms of exercise and learning about how my body reacts to different forms of it. Learning about what I should be eating was also a huge eye opener!

I mentioned before here, that I really believe that some good quality fitness gear can do the world of good for your confidence when stepping back into the gym after a long stint away from it. My fitness wear wishlist has been growing and growing for quite some time now. Here is a few things I can’t get my mind off…

Runners: I’ve had my eye on these three for a while now, the Superstars above might not be the best for the gym but I’m just obsessed right now so I had to include them! I’ve also been converted from black runners to grey. I saw Millie Mackintosh posted an Instagram with Nikes similar to these ones below, so now I feel like I need them. I am such an easy target with some good old fashioned marketing!!

New Balance

New BalanceNikes


Coats: I got a coat in Zara about two years ago which is pretty much a mix of these two below. I still wear it every time I go for a walk or to the gym, it’s perfect for moving around and its so breathable. These two are from Zara too, and they’re both on sale now!

Puffa Jacket

Puffa Parka


Pants: You really can’t compromise on quality when it comes to workout pants. I have two pairs of Nike pants similar to these below and they are still as good as new, even after all of the washing and tumble drying they go through every week! They are a little pricey, although completely worth the investment in my opinion. Kildare Village have a great outlet store which is where I always get my Nike stuff! I don’t think I’ll ever be into the bright statement pants – black are just more slimming for me so I personally feel better in them!

Nike bottoms


Bras: Even though I have never worked out in just a bra and bottoms (maybe someday when I get some abs haha) and nobody would even see it, I still love spending money on a really pretty bra with good support – and no I am not saying that I need good support because I definitely don’t!! Below are a few from Bandier, a store that opened up just a few blocks from my apartment and always slows me down on my way to work as I gaze in at all of their gorgeous stuff!

Bandier Black Bra

Black Bra

Bandier Marble Bra

Bandier Bra

Bandier Criss Cross Bra

Bandier Bra

Tops: Lastly, there is nothing more important than a good, well fitted workout top that won’t make you feel even more uncomfortable mid burpee. Nike is what makes up the majority of my t-shirts and I’ve had them for years! Their Dry Fit t-shirts are so slimming I think, I just feel great in them! I also love a good long sleeve top if its a bit chilly and I know I won’t be doing anything too strenuous. H&M is where I got two of my favorites – similar to the one below!

Dry Fit T-Shirt

nike dry fit

Loose T-Shirt


Long Sleeved Top

h n m

I’ve been relatively quiet on the blog over the Christmas period. Mainly because I needed to catch up on a lot of sleep! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this city can suck the life out of you if you don’t listen to your body and take a breather every now and again!

Christmas in New York was a different experience to say the least. I was so homesick when I first arrived in New York, and being away from my family and friends at such a special time of year definitely brought a lot of those emotions right back to me again. Of course, it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated it to be though. My boyfriend Conor, my friend Barry, and I all celebrated together so it was really nice that we had each other. We went to an Irish bar called Tir na nOg in Midtown West, because it was literally the only place that we could find serving a turkey dinner! It was an okay meal, but not a patch on what I know my mum could have whipped up! We all agreed that one of the things we missed the most was the food coma after dinner and being able to chill on the couch. It’s the little things you miss when you’re so far from home!

Oh, I also got absolutely hooked on Netflix’s latest – Making A Murderer. I finished the whole series in two sittings so I would HIGHLY recommend everyone get involved and watch it!

Christmas Day

I hope everyone had a really happy Christmas,

Niamh x

Christmas is still on every corner

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