My Fitness Journey

Initially, I attempted my fitness journey alone, which was a bit of a disaster. Every day was leg day, as I tackled the gym equipped with Insta-vids of the likes of Iza Goulart doing all sorts of crazy business that I didn’t even have the confidence to attempt.

Each workout consisted of a few squats, couple of lunges, 20 minutes on the treadmill and I would rock out of the gym feeling fantastic! Unfortunately the results didn’t follow so I knew it was time to get the help that I so badly wanted and needed. I had been telling my friend Kev that I was going to get on to him about a programme at some stage for ages. If I had just gotten on to him when I first thought about it, I would have been well on my way a long time ago!Β I am a self proclaimed pancake, literally flat front and back with not even a waist to my name. My main goal with my programme was to get the “baby abs” I dreamed of and get started on building a bum!


Getting sorted with my own personal programme was exactly the motivation I needed. It was so great to have all of the information I needed in terms of diet and workouts to reference back to.Β 

A typical week consisted of five workouts, alternating between early morning and after-work workouts. I generally did my leg workouts first thing in the morning because I knew that if I spent the day thinking about doing them after work, I would find an excuse to not do them!


After three weeks of sticking to my program religiously, I had a bit of a set back, which I mentioned here. I took a week off and then had to adapt my workouts for the next three weeks so that I could do them at home. It really wasn’t ideal but I’m so delighted with my results regardless of what could have been if I had been fully able to finish the program properly.


For anyone thinking about getting a program for themselves, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It was without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever done! I’m also so excited to get into the fitness scene in New York equipped with my trusty program. I’m moving over next week for the year so once the initial craziness of job and house hunting settles down, I will (hopefully) be all over it!


Stay tuned!
Niamh x


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