The November Project With The North Face

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone! Last week the blog took a definite back seat, as we moved downtown and out of the Upper East Side. Moving is the biggest pain, so I am not looking forward to doing it again. Where we are staying at the moment is just a temporary solution, so unfortunately we definitely will be hitting the road again soon. 

Last Friday night I headed out to Greenpoint in Brooklyn with my friend Sarah to check out The November Project Event in association with The North Face. If you haven’t heard of the November Project, it is a free workout group founded in Boston which encourages people to get outside and workout in the colder months of the year. What started out as a small initiative in New England, has now spread nationwide and globally, for a very good reason! The November Project brings together everyone from elite athletes to couch potatoes looking to get active and enables them to work out and get moving. It’s such a great initiative!

The event on Friday consisted of a Fun Run from Manhattan, across the Williamsburg bridge, and into Brooklyn. It finished up at the House of Vans which is a really cool warehouse venue, where there was a Q & A, and party afterwards. There were some really cool brands present that I was excited to try out also.

The whole event was in association with The North Face. You will have seen on my Snapchat (niamhos21) a few weeks ago, just how over the moon I was to receive this outfit for the event. You will have also seen on my Instagram how I genuinely do love to wear it week in, week out to the gym. The North Face has such an incredible reputation for being a brand that you can trust and are guaranteed to get countless wears from investing in their brand.

Coming from a family that never once spent a weekend sitting on the couch or a holiday lounging by the pool, I can safely say that this is a brand that I’ve grown up with. Since I was about five years old, I spent every single weekend up until I went to college up at the hockey pitch in Naas running around with my sister and friends. My Mum was a coach in Naas Hockey Club, so there was never any room for excuses if we didn’t want to go. Growing up being so active and having my parents being so into sports and fitness too definitely played a massive part in my healthy lifestyle that I have today. I think that’s why I was so delighted when The North Face invited me to this event, I felt like this whole event was something that I could genuinely relate to on so many levels. Everything felt like it was coming full circle. 

It was so great to see at the event the friendliness amongst everyone who had just completed the run together. I think that’s what makes events like this so great, because going to the gym on your own every day can be boring when you have no one to work out with, or no team to train with. The November Project is not just a group to join to get into health and fitness, but you also feel like you are a part of something bigger, and making friends at the same time.

Photos by Lorna Ruane

A big thank you to The North Face for inviting me to be a part of such an incredible project. I hope everyone is having a super week!

Niamh x

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