Small Changes for Big Results

Hi Everyone! I hope that the week is going smoothly. The weekend is so close, and I have an extra exciting one planned – keep an eye on my Instagram & Snapchat to see what I’m getting up to! Today’s post is all about the subtle changes that I have introduced into my life lately. They’re all very small changes but I’ve honestly noticed great results from them so far! 

I touched on this briefly in my last post about self care – but I think that looking after yourself truly can be done by doing small things every day to better your quality of life. I was saying in Tuesday’s post, that in January I promised myself to do at least 31 minutes of exercise daily. I knew that the gym was going to be difficult for a variety of reasons, so I sent an obtainable goal. Honestly, it was so small but it made such a massive difference to me.

I really think that I’m the type of person that talks a lot about my plans and goals. While I know I am productive to an extent, I’m definitely not where I want to be. I’m constantly writing lists and making a new 5-year plan every other day. I’ve made a few small changes lately, and now that I think about it – I actually hadn’t planned them by writing a list after list (progress!). The following changes were small but upon reflection they’ve definitely made a big difference in how I feel.

Go to bed an hour earlier

We’re all guilty of spending too much times on our phones in bed. Realistically it’s just a habit that you will inevitably give in to. I’m trying to get in to bed earlier these days so that I lose less time asleep because of my phone. My mentality is that if I start my trawling earlier, I’ll be finished sooner and I can catch more zzz’s.

Add volume to meals

I’ve been adding raspberries and blackberries to my yoghurt bowls in the mornings and I’ve noticed a big difference in how full I’ve been feeling. Loading omelettes with greens like spinach or other veggies helps you feel as though you are eating something so much more fulfilling.

Avoid the subway

Since I moved downtown, I live a lot closer to work than before. I walk to and from work every day now and I honestly can’t remember the last time I was on the subway. This sounds stupid but I genuinely notice a difference in my mood when I avoid it. In the mornings it can be so cramped and uncomfortable. Walking is a great way to start the day too, and it’s definitely a small change that has had a massive impact on my day and week.

Good fats

Lately, I have noticed that the days that I consume higher amounts of good fats, I stay fuller for longer and am far less likely to snack. I’m talking about good fats like 90% dark chocolate, mixed nuts & almond butter. This won’t be the same for everyone but I just notice that when I consume higher carbs I’m constantly hungry. It’s like that hunger that just cannot be satisfied!


This is a big one for me. I used to constantly snack on protein bars, but once I started to actually eat bigger meals full of real food I genuinely felt so much better. Yes, the amount of protein that I am consuming has decreased, but when I listened to my body, I realized that I physically felt better. Instead of a protein bar, I would reach for a yoghurt, or a handful of nuts, or a piece of fruit.

Take your vitamins

Taking a multi vitamin is so important. I also like Siberian Root which can be purchased in any health food store. Supposedly it relaxes you and relieves stress a little bit. Don’t quote me on that, it’s just something that was personally recommended to me and I take one tablet daily. You can find all of the health benefits of this online.

Portion control

We’re all guilty of our eyes being bigger than our bellies. But before you over indulge (even in normal food) think about what you actually need, and how genuinely hungry you are. Also, try and eat slower! You’ll enjoy your food more.


Months ago, I bought a massive 2 liter water bottle that sits on my desk and I’ve found it really forces me to drink more water. I drink at least 1 – 1.5 bottles a day which leaves me with almost 3 liters consumed. I mean it when I say that my skin has improved and my energy levels are up. The importance of hydration is just second to none.

Herbal teas

I am absolutely not talking about those detox teas here. I would never dream of promoting such a waste of money. I’m talking about good old fashioned green or peppermint tea. These are great for your digestion and I find them really refreshing. Chamomile is great in the evenings too to help you unwind and relax.

Photos by Claire Petersen

I honestly believe that making all of these small changes has lead me to bigger and better results than I would have expected. I feel leaner and healthier and I haven’t started a new program or done anything drastic… Happy days! 🙂

Have a great day & enjoy the weekend!

Niamh xx

PS. As Claire was taking this photo of me, I took this of her 🙂

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  1. Walking to work is such a nice walk to start and finish your day after 8 hours of sitting at a desk, it makes such a difference to your day! Great post 🙂

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