Sneakers Wish List

TGI-Weekend! I’ve had a funny week of not feeling 100% so I’ve found myself doing a lot of window shopping from the couch. This is what I’m thinking: a weekly/bi-weekly shopping post of everything I find myself looking at online each week…I think I’m going to see how that goes. Now, if you’re here for fashion, I would suggest you leave now because that is absolutely not my forté. Anything I wear is most likely an outfit I’ve seen on Pinterest, or a certain piece that I’ve fallen in love with. (Did I mention I got a new coat recently?!) I think that this new little series will focus mainly on athleisure or maybe specific brands, as opposed to trends. Let me know what you think though?! I’d love to hear what it is that you would like to see on here…

So back to the post…one thing that I keep finding myself drawn to time and time again are sneakers/trainers/runners (whatever you call them). I recently invested in my Nike Cortez runners and I am literally living in them. So much so that I have to wipe them down each day because I can’t stand the thought of them looking too lived in or dirty. I have a lot of time on my hands.

For this post I rounded up all of the sneakers that I’m currently eyeing up. Now, of course I’m not going to invest in the lot…these would probably be the first on my list. The rest will have to wait. Happy browsing! x

 The Cortez
Pink Sneakers
Gym Sneakers
The Classics

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