How To Start Your Day On A Good Note

Gooooood morning! Today’s post is going to list my top tips for waking up on a good note. These routines/adjustments really and truly make a difference in not only my morning, but my day.

Below are my six top tips. Enjoy!

Phone be gone
Lately, I’m particularly bad foreign on my phone late at night and keeping it under my pillow. However, I do try and avoid it at all costs in the morning, at least until I am dressed and out the door. I find that I don’t feel ten or twenty minutes of my time slipping away on Instagram or Snapchat sometimes. I’ve turned off my notifications for all social media apps in the hopes that checking them won’t enter my head.
Since I completed my plan with Recalibrated Bodies, the following has been engrained in my mind. When I workout I always will eat a high carb and high protein breakfast. When I don’t workout I always will eat a high fat and high protein breakfast. I guess it’s just part of my routine now because I am the ultimate creature of habit. I know that by sticking to my routine I’ll be starting my day off on a good note no doubt!
Water Water Water!

I know everyone says this all of the time, but it is so important to stay hydrated. Starting your day with a bottle of water will set you up nicely I promise. I would love to find the effort somewhere inside of me to actually make warm water with lemon every morning, but let’s call a spade a spade – that can be too much to ask sometimes. The Best Workout in New York, Fiji Water, #FijiFit, Barr's Bootcamp, Fitness Blogger, New York Blogger, New York Fitness Blogger

Don’t eat too late at night (or if you do, stay up later and give yourself time to digest!)
For example, last night I didn’t have my dinner until 9.30pm. I didn’t go to sleep until about 1am (unfortunately), but if I had stuck to my usual schedule of sleeping by at least 10.30pm then I know I would have been tossing and turning and my food would have been doing summersaults in my stomach.
Invest in some quality bedding
We were so lucky to have gotten our hands on probably the most luxurious bed set we’ve ever owned. Just last week we got a delivery of a mattress pad, pillows and comforter from Live Comfortably. Of course we had to go straight out and invest in brand new sheets to match them, because anything but brand new felt like it wasn’t good enough. I honestly can put my hand on my heart and say I need to be peeled out of the bed in the mornings. The mattress pad that we god is so soft it feels like we’re sleeping on memory foam. Investing a little bit of extra money into something like this is just so worth it in my eyes. Quality in bedding increases the quantity of good sleep that you’ll get. Winner winner!Starting Your Day On A Good Note, Morning Hacks, Life, Cinnamon Soul, Niamh O'Sullivan, Live Comfortably,
Easier said than done. But you know that saying “your vibe attracts your tribe”? Well… I was walking to work the other day and I was in the worst mood over something that I can’t even remember right now. I had a scowl on my face and I could literally feel people looking at me giving me weird looks back. This, inevitably, really started to bug me. But then I thought, if i had just been walking down the street with a smile on my face, the chances are that people would have probably just smiled back. It just made me realize that if I’m giving off angry/negative vibes before 8am, I’m really setting myself up for a bad day.

Starting Your Day On A Good Note

I really hope these tips will help at least one person. Please let me know if you found them useful! I’m headed to Texas tomorrow first thing in the morning with Kaelin and Erika. Be sure to follow along on Snapchat (niamhos21) and Instagram (@niamh_osullivan) for all of the updates and pictures!

Have a good one,

Niamh x

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