How To Turn a Bad Day Around in 7 Steps

Oh hey there. Today’s post is all about how to turn a bad day around in 7 steps. I’m going to throw it out there and say that I’m definitely the most stubborn person ever when it comes to getting out of a mood. This post is based on some things that I was trying myself to try and shift my train of thought on some bad days. I mean it when I say that they work, promise!

  1. Put the phone away – Turn it on silent, and put it face down in the corner of the room and don’t touch it until you’ve even half forgotten about why you had your head buried in it. If you’re arguing with someone, or waiting for a response on something, just walk away and revisit it when you’re in a less stressed state of mind.
  2. Deep breaths – I know, everyone says this. But just go take a walk, get a coffee, leave your phone behind and just breathe.
  3. Look at some old photos – This sounds ridiculous, but I personally love to look back on old photos of when I lived at home or some ridiculous photos I have of my boyfriend or my sister that remind me of really funny times. I don’t know why it makes me so happy to see unflattering photos that I’ve taken of other people, haha!
  4. Listen to some good choons – Something lively and that you’d be delighted if it came on in a bar. Not something that you would hear in a church, that won’t help.
  5. YouTube – I swear, watch 30 seconds of “fails” and you will feel right as rain. Every. Single. Time.
  6. Ask yourself is this going to matter this time next week – If not, deal with it in the best way possible and move along.
  7. Remind yourself – Lastly, this is probably the most serious and effective point that I want to make. I can’t remember who said this to me in the past few weeks but it really stuck with me, and I’ve honestly said it to myself at least 10 times since hearing it. When you’re having a bit of a panic or a stressful moment, just remind yourself that there are literally thousands of people who would kill for your life. I am so guilty of just focusing on only my problems at certain times, like figuring out visas, and homesickness, and lots of other crap that goes along with living abroad and being so far from home. When I then think about how lucky I am to even have these problems, or if I think of someone I know (or don’t know) who is going through something awful at a point in time, I honestly just shake myself and get internally embarrassed for being so full of self pity.

So there you go, 7 steps to turn your bad day into a not-so-bad-day. Have a great week everyone! See you back here on Thursday for another #ThursdayTreats recipe. Did anyone try the Guilt Free Snickers? I got a few snaps over the weekend and I was so chuffed with myself! I’m so glad that they turned out to be a winner!

Niamh x

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